Thursday, October 3, 2013

Pat Robertson Practically Trashes a Suicidal Gay Viewer's Prayer Request (April 28, 1997)

If homosexuality were truly a choice, you wouldn't have thousands upon thousands (millions? sure, why not) of devout evangelical Christians struggling with these "sinful" urges of lust and attraction towards members of the same sex—but we do have those people, because being gay isn't something you just decide one day: "Today's a good day to go to the beach!" "I feel like having waffles for breakfast!" "I think I'll be a lesbian!"

So maybe you can begin to imagine how a devout evangelical Christian wrestling with his homosexuality just might be suicidal after a steady diet of being told how his fundamental impulses are wrong and evil and bringing down society.  Well, you can imagine that, but Pat Robertson can't.
“We've got all these prayer requests… Here's somebody, just for example, saying, 'I want deliverance from homosexuality,' you know, they're contemplating suicide DAILY.  Don't talk about being gay when you're trying to kill yourself every day!”
He really thinks it's two separate things!  This guy's struggling with homosexuality, and he just happens to be suicidal.  Goodness, let's fix these suicidal inclinations first, then let's talk about your being gay.  That the guy was suicidal because he's gay—no, Pat can't grasp that.  After all, why would a man want to kill himself just because he's gay?

Can't imagine.  Up next: Are homosexuals ruining our country?

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