Monday, October 7, 2013

Pat Robertson's Advice to the Unemployed: "Ask God. Or Consider Telemarketing." (Oct. 1, 2013)

Pat Robertson thinks there are 90 million Americans out of work, which I guess is true if you're counting children as "unemployed."  (Damn freeloaders!)  Last week, one of those 90 million 11.3 million wrote in to ask Pat if it would be a sin to work in a local casino that's hiring.  Pat's response?
“Get another job.  There have to be—ask God to open a job for you… I'm a great believer in these telemarketing things, you can get work from home, you can do all kinds of things.”
Ask God.  What a great idea!  I'm sure that none of the millions of other people looking for work—and remember, Pat thinks there are 90 million of them—even thought to pray for a job.  Oh, you'll be the first!  The rest of the unemployed probably aren't Christian, anyway.  I mean, if they were, they'd be praying to God for jobs too, right?

But hey, there's always telemarketing—because what the world needs is even more people calling us up to sell us stuff.  Anyway, there's plenty of work out there besides that sinful casino job.  The rest of the 90 million are just lazy bums.

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