Thursday, October 3, 2013

Gordon Robertson's on the Paula Deen Comeback Bandwagon

This aired TODAY.  I'm current!

Remember Paula Deen and that whole thing?  With the racism, and the N-word, and the dream plantation wedding complete with tap-dancing N-words?  Of course you do, because you are on the Internet, and if you were on the Internet in June, you could not escape the Paula Deen deposition and the tearful, questionably sincere apologies and the firings from all her endorsements and everything because now her brand stunk like babyback ribs that had been left too long on the griddle.  (Is that even remotely correct?  I don't know anything about Southern cooking.)

Anyway, last month Paula Deen started her comeback, because it really only takes less than three months for people to forget all the racism and resume eating her sugar-flavored butter or butter-flavored sugar or whatever it was she was famous for making.  And here's Gordon Robertson, Pat's son and heir to the throne, helping her along by choosing her as the inspirational story for a viewer who wants to know if she should follow her dream even though she can't afford to:
“Here's a story for you.  There was a single mom with two kids, and she got the idea to follow her dream.  And so she said, 'I want to cook, I want to be known as a cook.'  And so she created a lunch service for the business district where she would hand-deliver home-cooked meals to offices in the downtown area.  Well, it turned into a thriving business, turned into a huge success, and that lady's name is Paula Deen.  So follow your dream, even when it seems that there's no dream left.”
 Follow your dream!  Except maybe not the one with the tap-dancing minstrel wedding.

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