Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Unemployment Insurance Is Just Obama's Socialism, Get Rid of It and the Poor Will Find Jobs

Submitted for your disapproval:
“[Unemployment benefits] don't create jobs, they just prolong joblessness for those who are on the dole.  But the president seems to think that if people sign up for some government program, that they have therefore gotten off the rolls and into a good place.  But the good place isn't government subsidy, and that's what he wants, he wants people under the control of government.  And therefore, the more people under the control of government, the better the socialist agenda turns out. 
But statistics seem to show that when you cut unemployment benefits, and people really, honest-to-goodness are faced with the stark reality of getting a job, that they find ways of getting employment in the private sector. 
It isn't being cold-hearted to say the government cannot afford to continue, month after month, year after year, keeping people on the dole of unemployment.  You can't do that.  Sooner or later, you have to say we rely on the private sector.  Then we have to create a climate in this country where people can be employed, where business is booming, where regulations are cut down, and taxes are cut and people can go to work.  That's what we need to do, but the president doesn't see it that way.”
Remember—this is coming from a man whose best advice he could muster for an unemployed viewer was, "Ask God, or consider telemarketing."

As for that last part, where we need to get the economy moving again?  Turns out extending unemployment benefits is the second-best way to stimulate the economy, right behind increasing food stamps, according to Moody's:

But then again, that Moody's is just another socialist outfit on Wall Street, what do they know.

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