Friday, January 10, 2014

Pat Robertson Now Says Three-Strikes Laws Are Bad for Society, and It's All Bill Clinton's Fault

Yesterday, Pat Robertson railed against the "growing criminalization of people in America" and the "tough-on-crime politicians" who passed the Three Strikes, You're Out laws in the 1990s. Which was refreshing, but also curious: back in those days, Robertson gave the remarkable impression that he was on the crime! crime! crime! bandwagon, too:

Anyway, is it your recollection that it was Republican politicians, like California governor Pete Wilson (1991-1999), who led the drive to enact Three Strikes?  Mine too!  You know who else's?  This Three Strikes timeline's, which lists Pete Wilson as the first governor to sign a Three Strikes bill into law.

Yet look who Robertson's Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) places the blame on:

(This is an image, not a video.  If you want to see the YouTube video, click on the link directly above this image.)

Of course.  It happened in the '90s, so it must be Clinton's fault!  That's how it works!  Just like everything going on today is entirely Obama's fault!  Oh, but the years in between Clinton and Obama? That was 9/11.  9/11 was our president for those eight years.

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