Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Hahahahaha! A Chinese Man Committed Suicide! Hahahahaha!

So maybe you caught this story yesterday about a Chinese man who leapt seven stories to his death in a shoe-store mall after his girlfriend dragged him around the mall for five hours and didn't want to stop shopping yet.  Pat Robertson heard the story, but his co-host Wendy Griffith apparently hadn't, because when he starts telling it to her this morning, she starts laughing as if it's some funny shopping story.  Of course, that's how Pat set up this story, starting with talk about Xmas Christmas shopping and how his wife singlehandedly keeps the catalogs in business, so Wendy's not really at fault for thinking this is funny.  Wendy's not at fault, anyway.
“I was reading yesterday about China.  They make a big deal about Christmas… So this young couple goes out, and the girl really digs shopping.  So she carried her fianc√© along with her for five agonizing hours of shopping.  And he says, 'I just can't do this anymore.' ”
And Wendy laughs, and it's all still funny so far because women loooooove them their shopping and men hate it, amirite people?  Can I get a what whaaaat?
“…So what does he do?  He jumps off the ledge of this three- or four-story department store [sic] and kills himself, he commits suicide!”
You can see that Wendy's genuinely shocked by how this "funny shopping story" turned out—the open mouth agape, the burying her face in embarrassment—yet she's still laughing.  But can you blame her? Pat's a funny guy:
“You've heard of 'shop 'til I drop'?  Well, they did it.”
Soooo Christian.  Suicide is funny when it's shopping!  Or maybe just when it's in China?  I mean, they got a billion more to spare, amirite?  And they all look alike?


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  1. I love Pat Robertson. I have been blessed by 700 club since I was only 12 years old. I am now 46 and still love 700 club. Pat is a sweetheart. He is not perfect, nonetheless he is an evangelist who wants everyone to be saved by Jesus. I especially love their prayer time because the miracle has happened to me as well.